Frequently Asked Questions


If you would like to request a booking for either a consultation or for a tattoo appointment, please go to the CONTACT page of this website and complete the Contact Form. Alternatively, you can also email and include:

  • size (cm x cm)
  • location
  • reference pictures
  • colour or black and grey
  • whether it is your first tattoo or not
  • preference for appointment times (include days and times that you are available)

Chris, our Administration Assistant, will get back to you within 7 days - if you have not heard back within that time, please resend your email. We usually suggest that you book a consultation prior to making your booking. This is because we would like to discuss your design/ placement with you more. We do not copy the artwork of other tattooists or artists, however we are happy to speak with you about creating a custom piece that is inspired by the artwork that you present. We are typically booked 6 - 8 weeks in advance, however we also offer a cancellation/ wait list if you would like to be called earlier if a cancellation occurs. Please include in your email to us whether you would be interested in going onto the cancellation/ wait list.

Initial consultations are FREE OF CHARGE - HOWEVER, if you cancel your consultation with less than 24 hours notice, or change your consultation time more than once, we may require a $50 non-refundable deposit before booking another consultation for you. 


Persons under the age of 18 y.o. are NOT permitted in the studio under any circumstance - this includes the office and waiting area. Your appointment or consultation will be immediately cancelled should you bring children into the studio, and any deposit paid will be lost.


Yes, we do! Roxanne has been vegan for over 20 years, and she offers a fully vegan tattoo experience, which is more than just the use of vegan ink, but also vegan stencilling, skin cleaning and preparation and, of course, vegan aftercare.


Yes! We would suggest that you book for a consultation so that we can discuss your tattoo concept, and also give you the necessary pre-tattoo information so that you come to your appointment prepared. At the consultation appointment, we can answer all of your questions and ensure that you feel comfortable moving ahead with booking the tattoo appointment.


The price of your tattoo depends on several factors. Some areas of the body take longer to tattoo than others due to the different types of skin on different areas of the body and the specific techniques required to tattoo that area. Colour takes longer than black and grey, for instance. While we try to give our clients a rough estimate of price, please keep in mind that there are several factors that determine how long your tattoo will take and how much your tattoo will cost and sometimes tattoos take longer than expected simply because of the condition of your skin, the skins elasticity, your ability to tolerate the discomfort, etc.. 


  • Most tattoos are charged by the hour. Rox charges $175 per hour - 1 hour minimum charge - during normal business hours. After hours appointments (after 6pm weekdays and Saturdays) are charged at $190 per hour.
  • We provide our clients with their aftercare products, and this is included in the cost of the tattoo
  • Some pieces are charged by the design, regardless of time (particularly when design time takes longer than the actual tattoo time)
  • Custom pieces that require extensive drawing and designing may attract an Artwork Design Fee
  • A deposit is required to secure all appointments.
  • Tattoo appointments are charged from the commencement of the appointment time until the end of the tattoo session, and therefore includes stencilling, changes in size/ design/ layout of the tattoo and late arrival to the appointment by the client. Photo ID must be presented at each appointment.


You will be required to pay a deposit to secure your tattoo appointment. The deposit is $100 for bookings of less than 3 hours tattoo time. For bookings of 3 or more hours of tattoo time, the deposit may me increased. The terms and conditions of your deposit are as follows:

  2. When 1-3 hours is booked, and the tattoo is relatively straight forward (no design/ research required, tattoo completed in one sitting), the deposit is taken off the final price of the tattoo.
  3. When the tattoo requires research and drawing up (as per custom designs), the deposit, or part thereof, may be used as the Artwork Design Fee. This is to offset the many hours of time researching and designing your custom artwork.
  4. If you cancel your booking; reschedule your appointment time/ day with less than 7 days notice; reschedule the session to a future time more than one month from the initial booking time; or make significant changes to your design concept, your deposit/ drawing fee is forfeited (lost) and an additional deposit or artwork design fee will be required to re-book any future appointment.
  5. If you arrive at your appointment and you are unwell, have applied numbing cream to your skin, or your skin is sun burnt or has a visible wound you will be sent home and your deposit will be lost.
  6. If you arrive at your appointment and do not have photographic identification (drivers licence, proof of age card, or passport), your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit will be lost.
  7. The tattoo appointment is charged from the start of the appointment time until the end of the actual appointment - if you are late or make alterations to the design upon arrival, that is charged as normal tattoo time.
  8. The balance of the tattoo session must be paid in full at the completion of the appointment. This must be paid using cash unless other arrangements have been made prior to the appointment.
  9. If you are suggested to book a "touch-up appointment", the appointment must be made within the designated time period specified by your artist and follows the same conditions as above. Touch-up appointments are generally charged at $75 unless otherwise indicated. Failure to make or attend this appointment will cancel your touch-up opportunity and in doing so this will mean that any touch-ups required will be charged at the normal tattoo rate. Touch-up appointments cannot be rescheduled without incurring additional re-booking charges ($50).
  10. Any deposit or pre-payment that is received that is not used or allocated to a scheduled appointment within 6 months of being received will be forfeited.
  11. We reserve the right to postpone appointments during extreme weather (i.e. 40+ degrees or severe thunderstorms) to prevent disruption of your appointment due to power network failures.
  12. The payment of your booking fee implies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


  • We are not currently taking any new bookings for cosmetic tattooing. We are happy to offer referrals or add you to our waiting list.


When you book for a tattoo, we will send you some information regarding tattoo preparation. It is important that you follow the instructions given. We will also provide you with both written and verbal instructions regarding your tattoo after care procedure. It is your responsibility to follow these after care instructions as they have been created to ensure fast, healthy healing of your skin and your tattoo.


Not all tattoos require a touch up or follow up session, but some tattoos do require them. A "touch up" session is different to a "follow up" session...

If your artist wants to see how your tattoo has healed, it may be suggested that you book a "touch up" session. If you are offered a touch up session, it is your responsibility to book that session within the time frame provided to you by the artist. If you fail to do this, and contact the studio after the designated time period, you will be charged full price for any additional tattooing. There are no exceptions to this rule. Touch-up appointments are generally charged at $75 unless otherwise stated. Rescheduling the touch-up appointment will incur a $50 re-booking fee.

Some tattoos require a "follow up" session. This is usually to add any highlights/ lowlights/ additional shading and contouring. This is an additional tattoo session that is charged at the normal price.


While we are always more than happy to create a custom design for you, we will not draw something up without an appointment being booked for the tattoo. We get many requests from people who have an idea that they would like drawn up so that they can decide if they want it tattooed. We only draw up and design tattoos once the appointment for the tattoo has been made and the deposit has been paid. We do not usually email through detailed tattoo designs, however we will make an appointment for you to come in and view your design prior to your tattoo session if you require. All custom designs remain the property of the artist and cannot be reproduced without written consent. Making additional changes to your design or changing the location of your tattoo may lead to your appointment being cancelled and re-booked for a later date to allow for drawing. Additional drawing fees may also apply in these circumstances.


Not all tattoos suit all areas of the body. And regardless of what you may see on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, etc., there are some areas of the body that just don't heal well or will not suit the tattoo design that you have in mind. Many of the images that you see online are of freshly performed tattoos. We have the experience of seeing how tattoos heal over time, so if we tell you that the tattoo will not look good in 5 years due to the stretching, creasing, rubbing or environmental exposure to the skin please believe us. We want to give you a tattoo that looks great when you leave the studio, and continues to look great for years to come. If you have questions regarding the viability of your tattoo idea, it is best to book a consultation to discuss your idea before booking your tattoo appointment.